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Mid-Sized Ships

What is a Mid-sized Cruise Ship? (1,000 to 2,000 passengers)

We have categorised mid-sized cruise ships as those carrying 1,000 to 2,000 passengers of which there are approximately 69 vessels in service around the world. Although there are of course exceptions, most mid-sized cruise ships are around 20 years old having been built in 1990s.

How much space is there on a Mid-sized Cruise Ship?

The average mid-sized ship carries 1,565 passengers and you will typically find 2.3 passengers to every crew member with an average space ratio of 31 (cubic feet) - which is the smallest space ratio of all the ship size categories. The space ratio ranges from 25 for some Thomson ships to 35 for the more premium Holland America ships. There is one luxury Crystal ships which has an amazing space ratio of 53. A space ratio gives you a flavour of how much enclosed public space there is on a ship by dividing the Gross tonnage of a ships by the number of passengers. So a mid-size ship of 45,000 gross tonnage with 1,500 passengers would have a space ratio of 30.

What can you expect on a Mid-sized Cruise Ship?

The medium sized ship has smaller passenger potential between 1,000-2,000 and the price is probably more competitive than both larger and smaller ships. Mid-sized ships can offer more exciting destinations. The number of cabins with balconies is limited and cabins will be smaller. Fellow passengers will tend to be older and there will be fewer families with children. You may well dine at assigned sittings and selected tables, but service will be friendly and efficient. There will be plenty of entertainment venues, but they will not match larger ships. Likewise there may be multiple pools, spas and gyms but these may be slightly less luxurious than larger ships. There is normally a decent amount of deck space with good availability of sun loungers.   When embarking/disembarking and tendering, less people should mean less time taken.

Which Cruise brands offer Mid-Sized Cruise Ships?

This size sector is dominated by Holland America Line who have around a dozen mid-sized cruise ships. Thomson Cruises also have a number of mid-sized cruise ships. You can also find some Royal Caribbean, Princess and P&O mid-sized cruise ships. The premium cruise line, Oceania also have two of their larger ships in this category as does Cruise & Maritime Voyages who tend to offer very competitive prices.