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Scandinavia & Baltic Cruising

Taking a Baltic cruise is an amazing way to discover Scandinavia. There is probably no other cruise itinerary that provides so much cultural and architectural enrichment.

Where to start? The jewel in any Baltic cruise is St. Petersburg and with so much to see, most cruise lines will stay for 2 or 3 days. Smaller cruise ships can dock closer to the city while larger ships use the facilities of the modern cruise terminal which is a bit further out.  St. Petersburg is simply beautiful with its canals and palaces. The Hermitage and its art collection is the No.1 tourist destination. The benefit to cruise passengers is that they operate flexible hours for cruise ships and no Russian visas are required if you take the cruise line's excursions.

A Baltic cruise will also often take in many of Scandinavia's capital cities such as Stockholm, Tallin, Helsinki, Copenhagen. Even Berlin can be reached on excursions from German ports. Cruises will normally include Norway, although Oslo can take a little longer to reach so more convenient Norwegian ports are included.

Castles, palaces, cathedrals, museums, cobbled streets, gardens, marinas, archipelagos, nautical history will be included on your Baltic cruise. Oh and perhaps some Carlsberg lager and ABBA for good measure!