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Caribbean Cruising

CaribbeanThe Caribbean is the most popular cruising destination in the world with hundreds of different itineraries with a whole variety of different cruise lines so be sure to use our Caribbean Search to find the right one for you - and find the right cruise deal.

Caribbean cruise prices can fluctuate as, not surprisingly, it is the go-to destination for Americans - the biggest cruise market in the world -  being in such close proximity. You will find lots of Caribbean cruises departing from US ports such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale - albeit US customs and immigration can be stressful when landing in the US.

For a warmer Caribbean welcome you can fly direct to a number of Caribbean islands to pick up your cruise. For example, well known cruise lines such as P&O Cruises and Fred. Olsen depart from Barbados and Thomson have been departing from Jamaica. More recently, St Lucia has become a cruise departure port.

If flying is not for you then, you can of course depart from the UK. Crossing the Atlantic will typically take around 6 days so Caribbean cruise durations will be longer - around 28 to 32 days. Most will depart from Southampton but you may find the odd one from Tilbury or even Scotland.

The most popular time to visit the Caribbean is December when hotel prices can very high and cruises become very good value.

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