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Canary Islands Cruises

The Canary Islands are a group of seven Spanish islands located off the coast of North Africa. They have sunshine all year round with highs of 22 C in winter and 27 C in summer attracting over 12m visitors a year. The best way to see all of the Canary Islands is by cruise ship.

Dominated by snow capped volcano, Mount Teide, Tenerife is known for its unusual dark coloured volcanic sand. Its beaches and resorts offer the tourist a playground of delights and in the main town of Puerto de la Cruz you will find Loro Parque, a landscaped zoo where tigers, dolphins and penguins can be see, or the Jardin Botanico, botanical gardens offers a quiet repose amongst trees and ferns. There are also many plazas where you can enjoy your tapas and sangria.

You will notice that the architecture of the island features mainly white buildings due to the international artist and architect César Manrique, who recommended that all villages should be only white and green, and no building should be taller than a palm tree, except churches. The ruggedness of its almost lunar landscape is magnificently complimented by the wonderful blue of the ocean and sky. Towns like Arrecife, offers lots of shopping opportunities from boutiques to high end Department Stores, as well as plenty of bars and restaurants, where you can drop after you’ve shopped.

A bijou green sun-drenched gem in the archipelago with its misty rainforests that cover practically the whole island. The resorts are quintessentially the sorts of places where locals live so there is a reserve and tranquillity, rather than a bustling commercial atmosphere. The dramatic mountain landscape with rugged inlets and coves offers the tourist a perfect retreat from a busy lifestyle. You might even get a rare sighting of the Giant Lizard which, until 1999, was thought to have been extinct.

The island rewards its visitors with beauty, wonder, fascinating landscapes, excellent beaches, as well as plenty of sea sports, and if you happen to pick the right date in the calendar you could witness the beach Carnival, one of the craziest festivities of the year. Early native aborigines lived in caves on the island and these can be seen at La Cueva Pintada de Galdar. Many of their crafts were passed down over generations and still exist today: basketwork, stonework and woodwork, as well as aborigine art.