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Cruise Destinations

Why you should choose cruising to explore the world

Cruise holidays have witnessed phenomonal growth worldwide over the last ten years from 11m passengers to 23m passengers in 2015 because word has got out. Not only are Cruise Lines building more, better and bigger ships offering great value, with cruise destinations all over the world, but for the cruise passenger it eliminates much of the frustrating travel associated with visiting multiple destinations.

Removing belts and shoes, ensuring cosmetics are in plastic bags, keeping tabs on your luggage, ipads and iphones hardly leads to a dignified and stress-free holiday. Yes, it may be necessary to take a fly/cruise route, but at least it will only entail the one flight, and what a sigh of relief as you board your vessel knowing that at every port of call it won’t be necessary to manage travel, airports, stations and suitcases. You may even find your dream cruise destination embarking from a local port, what could be easier?

The cruise gives passengers freedom to enjoy their holiday. It helps them to budget because they know that catering and entertainment costs are included in the price. They can compare prices to ensure they get a good deal and they also know that they will be returning to the luxury of their own berth and cabin at the end of the day, no nasty surprises with hotels that don’t meet exacting standards.

Cruising offers flexibility; if you don’t want to go ashore you can enjoy the entertainment and delights of your temporary floating home, and if you want to sneak away to a quiet library for a gentle siesta, you can. Nobody is going to force you to play deck quoits or take part in a choir or art class, but if that is exactly what you want to do, you can.

If you need that extra piece of jewellery, pair of shorts, wrap or shirt, you will no doubt find it in the boutique; and for that special hair arrangement to go ashore for dinner, no problem; perhaps you need to relax after a strenuous work out in the gymn, a masseuse is on hand, before you go for a relaxing swim in one of the pools. You want to email your latest photographs home, then WIFI is available. Everything is catered for; your ship is a mini floating town, not just a cruise ship. Today's bigger cruise ships have amazing facilities with different entertainment venues and acts, lots of specialist restaurant to satisfy every palette.

That wonderful moment when you look out of the window to discover you have arrived at a new destination is just magic, so why holiday any other way? and remember cruise ships can often reach parts that other means of travel can’t reach.

Use The Cruise Checker search facility to compare cruises and cruise itineraries to find your ideal cruise destination whether that be The Mediterranean, Norway, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Scandinavia and the Baltic, the Canary Islands, Around the UK or even a World Cruise.