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Cruise Departure Ports

There are a variety of cruise departure ports whether you wish to depart from the UK or fly to your cruise destination and depart from there.

UK Departure Ports

 The main cruise port in the UK as most people know is Southampton but what many people don't know is just how many other departure ports there are which means a cruise may be right on your doorstep. Regional ports can save you a lot of time and money - not in terms of travelling to and from the port but also cruising to your destination. You should think about your departure port in terms of where you are heading not just where you live. For example, Newcastle is closer to Scandinavia than Southampton as is Liverpool to Canada.

Fly-Cruise Ports

An alternative to departing from the UK is to join a ship in your preferred destination by flying out to meet it. These cruises are often 7 or 14 nights and use either charter or scheduled flights. Popular ports for fly cruises include Barcelona, Tenerife, Miami, and Barbados but there are many more.