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G Adventures

G Adventures was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1990 by Bruce Poon Tip, who wanted to create a company that focused on small-group adventure travel that was both responsible and sustainable.

Once offering only overland journeys, G Adventures has grown to the point where it offers adventures around the globe, including active adventures, National Geographic Journeys, family trips, rail journeys, marine expeditions and they have now expended to offering river cruises with a real difference that are an experience of a lifetime.

G Adventures is no ordinary river cruise company it is a river cruise adventure that offers that personal experience with their ships carrying a maximum of 30 guests and a unique river cruise adventure. The company likes to say that “good things happen in small groups”, and so expect a level of casual intimacy and friendliness that is unique to a G Adventures river cruise.

The G Adventures fleet is made up of four ships that offer river cruises on the Ganges, Amazon, Mekong & Burgundy River aboard small, intimate riverboats and barges, small boats get to the action quicker than big ones. Step off the boat and explore your surroundings on foot, or take one of the complimentary bikes that are on offer to really discover the local area.

G Adventure River cruises offer you both freedom and flexibility. Some meals and activities are built into the itinerary, others are left so you can enjoy the local cuisine when you have disembark and are enjoying and exploring on your G Adventure river cruise. Structure when you want it, freedom when you don’t.

Get on a first-name basis with your destination by stepping off the boat and meeting the historians, naturalists, storytellers, and regular folk who live there G Advenures offer a trip of a lifetime and be guided on your journey by a G Adventures CEO (Chief Experience Officer!)